I Love You Doctor Zaius!

If you aren’t watching Dana Gould’s new Youtube series Hanging with Doctor Z then something is fucking wrong with you, or you just didn’t know about it. Gould has been doing his wonderfully absurdist Doctor Zaius bit for years and now he finally has his own weekly show. I highly recommend that you stop reading this bullshit and go watch some episodes. I leave you with the Tim Meadows episode because Tim Meadows is fucking awesome.

Even though it had abysmal ratings and was cancelled years ago, I still hold out hope that Son of Zorn will get renewed so that I can see Tim Meadows as Craig again. But I can’t have nice things, so it’ll never happen.

While you are watching videos, you might enjoy this idiot who attempted to get away with attending his Zoom court hearing from the same house as his victim. You can go ahead and skip to 7:40 to see when the prosecuting attorney notices and then skip to 13:30 to see the comeuppance. The judge sums it up beautifully with “You’ve hit bottom, and you’re continuing to dig.”

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