Release The Dee Snider Cut

Well I have to admit… the Snyder Cut was not worse than the original Justice League. A few friends and I gathered to get absolutely hammered and enjoy mocking this potential turd, but it wound up being better than anticipated. And I had such high shit-hopes in the first scene when Superman did his death-yelp that just kept rippling throughout the world, which I thought was hilarious. While I will cop to the fact that it was an improvement on the original, it still took goddamned forever and was chock-full of unnecessary scenes, slo-mo, and most of all music. Zack Snyder apparently has awful taste in music.

I’ve met people who disagree with me that the Hans Zimmer Wonder Woman Theme is repetitive and stupid, but I almost started to miss it after the 10th repeat of “UAAAAAHHH HOHOHOHOOOOOOOO AOHOHOOOOOOO” every time Wonder Woman showed up onscreen. Thankfully some other brave soul rewatched this thing and edited all of these music cues into one video.

Don’t even get me started on those Norse broads serenading Aquaman for what seemed like an eternity.

Also, Darkseid has boom-tube technology and interstellar-capable spaceships, but he doesn’t have someone keeping an Excel spreadsheet of all the planets that have kicked his fucking ass?

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