At Least It’s Not In Night Vision

Oh man. Oh man oh man. I treat you, my vile and angry hoarde, to Paris Hilton’s music video for the song: “Stars Are Blind.”

You might want to take a shot or swallow some pills prior to hitting the “play” button there. There should be a buffer between anyone’s grey matter and this… whatever the fuck you want to call this. Other than brilliance, son!

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By Sharkey

I run bamf.


  1. Arg.I have a bad feeling about this. Way to much of this shit is going to be heard blaring from teen bitches cars when I’m out and about in public.

  2. thanksThanks, Sharkey…06/06/06 was going just fine until you let loose this vaccuum-headed crap.Go to hell.

  3. What gives!?!?!I watched the whole thing and not once did a tit pop out or did she chow on some guy’s hog.I’m sorry – I don’t buy it. She can’t make it 3 minutes and 53 seconds in real life without one of those things happening.

  4. Behind the scenes in the hilton house:Paris: \”daddy, daddy, i want a pop video, and i want it to be arty, so we can have black and white and then go to colour and its going to be all shots of me looking pretty, and then you know that new pool boy, he can be in it too\”Mr Hilton: \”heres $30 million to get out of my face and stop annoying me\”

  5. Piss on itSadly, it will be played elsewhere. And people will listen. And she will have, yes, even more money.

  6. It’s like that Chris Isaak Video!It’s not as horrible as i thought it was going to be which is what scares me the most. If it’s not horrendously bad than all the stupid people will love it and I (a smart person) will have to endure listening to it as i flick by the channel and as i pass by the \”club\” to pick up weed.I know i shouldnt before i leave, lol, i’m gonna regret it in 20 minutes, lol, oh well, shpladoinko!

  7. ho, what i really want to know, is who did she get to sing this for her? i mean, she can’t really talk coherently, so, DEAR GOD, how did she make it a mind numbing almost four minutes without going \”um\” or \”like\” or \”ew!\”. seriously. someone made a bad choice, making her do the fake singing thing, like those two black guys from the 80’s or 90’s. i can’t remember their damn names, that’s how bad they were. why do i want to say something with vanilla? anyways.this video = crap. i agree with the guy who said something about no tits or head. it’d be better if she were naked, but then again, she looks like a little boy. i require more boobs. at least, if i’m supposed to be happy about it. nothing about little boys really gets my juices flowing, and all.

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