I am a apple whore!

by on July 15, 2007 @ 1:41 pm

I now know the love of a PDA. It is almost like the soft touch of a woman that I had to pay $650 for. Yes, I have purchased the new apple iPhone. It is now my duty to give my pros and cons to you, the loyal BAMF army. After over two weeks of use, I think I made a good buy and here is why:

1. The Internet and mail options work just as they would on your Mac or PC. Though the Edge network takes a while to load, when it is using a wifi hotspot it loads pretty fast. I am also typing this post with it.

2. It is a iPod. I would compare it to a Nano that plays video. Granted the space is a little bit small, but it does work well for travel and curing small bits of boredom. I have the small season of Firefly and about 8 albums on it and I still have four gigs to work with.

3. The touch screen works just as well as you’ve seen in the commercials. You open up a web site and can pinch the screen to zoom in and out. Going through the contacts on your phone is as easy as a flick of your finger. The keypad takes a bit to get use to, but once you do get it, it is easy.

4. The small features surprise you. Having Google maps as already saved me a bunch of grief and heartache. The You-tube feature is neat, but not to useful. The camera takes great pictures and it is fun to set up themes for your contact list. It also has iCal to use as a calendar, which works as well as any other program. Then you have little things, like weather, stocks, calculator and time. All the buttons are little Apple widgets, and they are easy to use.

Now it is time for my issues with it.

1. When you send out a text message, it can only be sent to one person at a time. So no more blanket text messages of my ass to my friends at the end of the night. I know a few people who are disappointed about that. It also lacks a IM program, but I’m sure that can be fixed with a update.

2. No games as of yet. I know most people don’t care to much about that, but I miss my Bejeweled. It would just kill time, and sometimes I need that. There are rumors that Nintendo is going to make games for it, and that could make up for my pain.

3. No flash plugins! I don’t mind You-tube, but I love all internet videos. I can’t watch them from my phone and that is not cool. Again, I believe that can be fixed with a update.

4. Small crashes and little bugs. It being a first gen, I expected this. Sometimes I will be online and Safari will crash. It’s a little pain in the grand scale of the phone. Also, when I get a call while I’m on the phone, sometimes I will lose both calls if I try to answer. A problem that can be fixed with updates.

5. No Ring-tones. I too cant stand hearing “This is Why I’m Hot” everytime a phone rings, but I do like having one personalized tone for myself. I have heard that iTunes will soon have a button to convert songs to ring-tones, but it will cost just as much as buying a song. I liked having the ability to make my own ring-tones on my RAZR. It sucks that Apple is blocking creativity.

If I was to give it a grade right now, it would be a B+ with room to improve. I’m sure the great debate’s will now rage, but I’m happy with my product.


Any phone that gives me Pie on the go is good.