1. Comment on that page: “run you fools, the eyes rolling into his head triggers the death laser”

    I about shit on myself laughing at that comment. Poor dude…

  2. I’ve seen most of the Daniel Pearl beheadding, the Budd Dwyer video, and watched suicide clips from the Golden Gate bridge, but this was the creepiest thing I’ve ever seen.

    I think its the fact that you’re expecting something bad to happen with the bridge jumpers, and the ********ed ******** with the guns and knives take the element of surprise out of the pearl video, and Dwyer was just bad shit insane looking. This is what added to the shock, and sadness of this video.

    This guy’s going about his normal routine, and WHAMMO! Eyes roll, mouth goes slack and the lightswitch is turned off. Dead with his eyes open. I’ll dream about this tonight.

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