Free XBLA Game, Starcraft DS, And Other Gaming Hardons

starcraft ds homebrewI’m told that Microsoft’s Xbox Live service has been particular shitty since Christmas. I wouldn’t know, since my 360 decided to rip my heart out and shit a red ring of death all over it, but once it comes back from it’s magical journey to Redmond I’ll be sure to enjoy Microsoft’s apology for the sluggish service that I didn’t experience. Apparently they’re going to give us all a free XBLA game, to be announced at a later date.

At the same time we would like to offer a token of our appreciation to all of you in celebration of record success for the service. And as a thank you for your loyalty during this holiday period, we will be offering all of our Xbox LIVE members around the world access to a full Xbox LIVE Arcade game that will be available to download free of charge. In the coming weeks we will be sharing the specific details of this offer with you.

I still have at least a week before the Xbox comes back, so I’ll definitely be enjoying the newly released demo of the Starcraft DS homebrew. True, the French did make it, but the French published the original too so it sort of cancels out. Here’s a direct link to the ROM, ready to be loaded up into the Flashcart of your choosing.

And finally, for the Portal enthusiast in all of us, Valve has released some new shirts and hoodies that are downright sexy. Maybe once they sell a few bajillion of these they can get back to making some more fucking Weighted Companion Cube toys.

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