Good Thing We Killed Chris O’Donnell

The latest fan-trailer Grayson is sweeping the Net like crabs through a brothel. And it’s actually pretty damn good. Far more of a story idea than the whole “Batman: Dead End” trailer, although the guy does subscribe to that trailer’s wanton usage of outside characters simply for “HOLY SHIT OMFG@#%R@#” factor. I was feeling it right up until the damned lasso.

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By Sharkey

I run bamf.


  1. What IS this?You’ve got to be kidding me. In this one trailer I’ve seen superman, wonder woman, the green lantern, batgirl, a box with the riddler’s question marks all over it, the joker, catwoman, and to top it off, robin dramatically jumps in front of what looks like a bullet intead for commissioner gordon. It’s a superhero clusterfuck.

  2. YoOverkill: yes. Hilarious: Yes. A robin feature film? Not even the death of batman would make it interesting.

  3. Wow.They had me until I heard \”Q-wah, Q-wah, Q-wah!\”Then it got stupid.Awesome intro though. From the pictures on the sight, I assumed the grey-haired guy was old-Gordon, and the guy in the cop outsuit with the loads of bars on his lapels was young-Gordon. Seems to be Gordon’s evil mirror-universe twin though.

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