It’s Like WoW, With More Urine

WolfquestI was turned on to WolfQuest by Bongweasel yesterday, and I found myself compelled to share the preview video with you. For those of you who are woefully uninformed, allow me to enlighten you on the world of Wolfquest. And by me, I mean the Wolfquest website by way of the mighty copy/paste functions.

WolfQuest is 3D wildlife simulation game. Players join a wolf pack made up of friends or computer-controlled wolves and, through trial and error, instinct, and experience, learn to maximize both individual and pack survival. Each player discovers how to compete or cooperate, challenge or submit, and defend or attack during complex interactions within the pack. Players find they must balance individual and pack needs in order to increase their collective ability to hunt, defend territory, avoid danger, and protect their young.

OK, now that I’ve bored you with that, go watch the fucking video. I especially love how ambiguous the ending is, with the kid either staring at his beloved dachshund as a pack brother or as his next meal. Either way, I think pee is going to be involved.

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