It’s Unfortunate That We Must Parent Our Children

I’m not sure whether I should be offended or amused by this Fox News piece on the “gratuitous sex scenes” in Mass Effect. At the moment I’m a fair mix of both, with a dash of confusion. It just amazes me how often these news outlets will hire just about anyone to comment on controversies such as this, and not allow the one person on camera who has actually played the game to throw his two cents in. Sorry darlin’, we don’t have time for your rebuttal because we need to cut to a panel of (hilariously) uninformed “experts” who lament that in these modern times, we actually have to monitor what our kids are given access to.

That’s OK though, because the trailer for Off-Road Velociraptor Safari should perk us all right the fuck up. Does anyone else really miss the Carmageddon series right about now?

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By Sharkey

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  1. What a bunch of tools.

    They lifted the story from a blog, written by a bible thumping moron who also never played the game. Read about it here

    This two bit blogger saw a video on youtube, which was actually a brief cut scene from Mass Effect. He then decided that the game was basically an alien sex simulator and proceeded to unload his ignorance for all the world to see. Needless to say he was bitch slapped by thousands of pissed off gamers, the article was taken down, and he kind of apologized a few days later.

    Now some douchnozzle at Fox news runs across the original blog and decides to report it as fact. Hurray for journalistic integrity.

  2. Then these idiots are taking why the game isn’t rated AU. MA is 17+ just like R rated movies. Do these people even have the ability to reason?

  3. The last guy seems to have his head screwed on but… they should have let the guy who played the game have more to say. Apart from that its the usual US fear mongering I’ve come to expect. The author “has to go with the research”? I mean WTF, play the game, she should know that you don’t judge a book by its cover, especially hers. I never knew Sex was such an issue, I mean who practices it anymore anyway?

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