Never make it home

Ladies and gentlemen, the speed metal merchants of bluegrass, Wichita’s own Split Lip Rayfield, have finally launched their very first website.

Why does this matter? Because, goddammit, now the entire damn Internet-connected world can get their hot little hands on some Split Lip music. Granted, yes… you’ve been able to order their albums from Bloodshot Records this entire time, but that’s not the point.

The point is this… Split Lip Rayfield is bluegrass played at the speed of metal. With a one-string upright bass made out of a truck gas tank and strung with weed-whacker line. Three albums of this. New record out September 28 on Bloodshot. It’s called Should Have Seen It Coming.

And, as with everything in life, this is about the free shit. They have mp3s. Mp3s from the new album. Which you should listen to, so you’re expanding your musical horizons and listening to something other than the crap corporate radio shoves down your throat. It’s earthy, it’s rocking, it’s fast, it’s the sort of music you swear you hate, but will grow to love. Take a listen below.

Split Lip Rayfield – Hundred Dollar Bill
Split Lip Rayfeld – In the Ground (live)
Split Lip Rayfield – Tiger In My Tank
Split Lip Rayfield – Day the Train Jumped the Tracks
Split Lip Rayfield – Drink Lotsa Whiskey
Split Lip Rayfield – Never Make It Home

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