Ooh, baby, you want me?

So, having gone to the Suicide Girls show last night here in Lawrence, and having had a chance to think over what went on, here’s the down-low on the whole thing…

The show was rather amusing. It was more burlesque than nudie show. Very much done for laughs and naughtiness, rather than sexy or dirty. It was pretty much amateurish, and featured a few more strip club moves than actual dancing. There was a girl named Eve who did a dance with a hula-hoop that has set my expectations for limberness to new levels, tho’.

The whole idea of the girls redefining notions of beauty and it being an empowering thing is a complete load of hooey. Seriously, while the girls have tattoos and piercings and whatnot, if you were to remove said piercings and tattoos, the girls would ALL be considered attractive by the average American Joe.

Yes, the tattoos and piercings and oddly colored hair are what define said Suicide Girls. However, none of them are in an any way unattractive. They’re all pretty slim and/or fit, have perky breasts, and pretty faces.

The crowd at the show last night had a good selection of women, many of whom had come together, but the ratio was still nearly 3:1 in favor of the men. And I find it ironic that because the show is done “all in fun”, the crowd was more of a hipster shindig. These are guys who wouldn’t be caught dead in a strip club, as opposed the the smaller contingent of greasers, rockers, and punks. The greasers, rockers and punks not only would be caught dead in a strip club, there’s probably a few who are making it their life’s work.

It all boils down to this- if there are pretty girls stripping down to thongs and tape over their nipples and moving their bodies in ways that makes things jiggle nicely, there are going to men there, leering. Toss in some pseudo-lesbian elements, and the men will leer and cheer.

Seriously… it’s not like I went to support women empowering themselves or redefining what standards of beauty are or because it was kitschy. I went because it was cute girls with piercings and tattoos getting nearly naked and doing naughty things to good music.

Not a bad deal for ten bucks. The burlesque bits could have been played up a bit more, however, other than that- I have no complaints. I mean, it’s not very professionally done, but if you’re in the mood for something different, it’s worth a look-see.

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