Holy shit I am soooo angry! I’ve got to rant!

Betty and Veronica. Always fighting over Archie. Can’t they see that Reggie is so much much better??? Archie has freckles and red hair and Reggie is so cool with his wit and charm and charisma. Betty and Veronica need to forget about Archie hook up their cabooses up with the Reggie train. Word up!

Will and Grace. Why won’t Will just get straight and tap that shit? I mean, I know the incredible irony of their chemistry being subverted by their sexual preferences is what makes the show tick, but something’s got to give! Word up!

Postmodern hipsters. Holy fucknuckles, would you people stop with the trucker hats and 70’s moustaches. I mean, I’m glad that postmodernism has finally trickled down to you bottom feeding future reality TV contestants. Really, I am. Word up!

Dogs. Gentle Jesus make it stop with the dogs. Cats are so much better, and it is so obvious why they are: because they’re not dogs. Word up!

Well enough ranting for now! I’ve got to go back to my pizza delivery job and do my homework for Remedial Math, and I have to make posters for my campaign for freshman class president! I’m soooo busy! Wish me luck!!! WORD UP!!!!


  1. Can’t have those 2 minutes backThat was a waste of time. Nearly all of this rant was nonsensical and completely void of humor; you just got lucky by calling out those douchebag hipsters in the middle of it. Which makes it an inconsistent essay. Oh, and we knew all of this stuff already sucked. You’re as bad as the bloggers/ranters you’re trying to shit on. Word up!

  2. um, watch itJeff’s been posting here for longer than you’ve been out of training diapers. Show some respect, and let the man say what he wants

  3. no harm meantI’m just being a bastard, that’s all.I still don’t get it though. Was he trying to make fun of bloggers? The hipster thing was dead on. The rest of it… well, maybe I don’t have that sense of humor.

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