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The internet is boring this week, so here are the few things that have registered as a blip on my radar thus far.

One more thing: I’m thoroughly exhausted with the current run of Burger King ads, mainly because they are a complete fucking fantasy. If your average person had the great misfortune of having to eat at BK, and was told that the chain had discontinued the Whopper®, odds are that the person in question would respond with “Oh good, did you replace it with something edible?”

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By Sharkey

I run bamf.


  1. It’s Chain Chomp, actually, not Chomp Chain. Common mistake, I’m sure. Also, pro solution: Knit one, and take a photo of a hot girl wearing it. All I had at the time was myself and a camera.

  2. My bad. I have un-hot-girl-in-hat induced dyslexia.

    Kudos to being a good sport, and to your outstanding (though how would I know) knitting skills.

  3. Since the order of things I would have sex with in that post is: miley cyrus > knitting girl > spare change thieving inbred meth-whore > cheeseburger in a can > Mia Tyler, I’d say our knitting friend is looking mighty fine today. Although I’m sure tomorrow’s slice of the day will bump things down a notch. Amiright Sharkey?

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