Send. Help. Quick.

Thick Records just reissued the Blue Meanies’ Full Throttle a couple weeks back. Go buy it.

The disc is remixed, remastered, has three bonus tracks (including their cover of Queen’s “Stone Cold Crazy”), and the video for “Smash the Magnavox.” It is 10x more rocking than before. You should own it, if for no other reason than it is one of the best discs for living room dancing on the face of the planet. You can spazz out to your heart’s content, and Full Throttle will not disappoint.

In other Blue Meanies-related news, former frontman Billy Spunke has put together a music festival called Valley of the Vapors at Maxine’s in Hot Springs, Arkanasas. It’s four days, March 16-19. Visit their website for details. It promises to be an interesting event.

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