Slice Of The Day: Jacinda Barrett

You probably remember her from “The Real World” in London, but she’s been in a lot of shitty movies lately, so you should probably pay attention to Aussie hottie, Jacinda Barrett. I guess she’s in that new flick, Ladder 49, which I probably won’t see.

Jacinda Barrett

I apologize for the skimpiness of the gallery, but those are pretty much all the non-owned-by-lawsuit-happy-image-corporations photos I could find of her. Any assistance in beefing up the picture selection would be appreciated.

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By Sharkey

I run bamf.


  1. KAT…New pie! Post some pictures of Kat from Real World London, she was much better looking than \”the model\”!!!

  2. Real World London? Bah.All those \”people\” should’ve been mandatorily sent through the conveyor-fed wood chipper. I still have memories of that loser whining to his parents that \”race car driving is a profession, really!\” Like he has the experience to pull a Tom Cruise. And what about that one guy who had a \”band\”?The key is to freeze the bodies before sending them through the chipper.

  3. where is the pieI havnt seen any new pie since this one, and its friday, maybe I dont know where to look for it, but I figured it would be right on the main page

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