So… Oops.

A few months back I heard about that deal at Amazon or wherever, selling the 360 HD-DVD drive for super cheap and with a pack of free HD-DVDs. Naturally, I told my fellow 360 owner and enthusiast cousin about it. He jumped on the deal, whereas I hesitated just long enough to miss out on the deal. Poor me, right?

…Right. Sorry about that one, cousin.

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By Sharkey

I run bamf.


  1. Guess the market dictated the standard on that deal. I wonder if HD-DVD was a better technology, like BETAMAX was way above VHS technology.

    Too bad I don’t give a rats ass about either, and apparently the rest of the consumer world feels the same. Fuck Bluray and HD-DVD. Assholes.

  2. yeah, thanks for that one cousin. The fiance now wants me to sell it, who the hell is going to buy a dead technology now. Asshole!

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