That’ll Take The Starch Out Of Your Sails

Ouch. (stolen directly from IMDB)

Hollywood actor Benjamin Bratt suffered the ultimate embarrassment when he agreed to surprise a fan on Oprah Winfrey’s chat show – she had no idea who he was. Bratt was initially happy to go along with making his alleged admirer’s day, but once the two met he quickly learned that a big mistake had been made somewhere along the line. He recalls, “There was the story of an aunt who had written in to the show saying that her niece is a huge Benjamin Bratt fan and she was disappointed because she couldn’t get tickets for the show. So the producers of the show wanted to surprise her. They called her down to a spa in downtown Chicago and they told her that she was going to be the recipient of a massage and a facial, etc. Well, the gag was for me to show up with a bouquet of flowers and walk out to the lobby where she was sitting and say, as I did, ‘Hi, I’m Benjamin Bratt, I’m going to be your masseur for the day!’ She just looked up at me and went, ‘Okay…’ She had no idea who I was! The aunt got the niece to show up at the spa and she had no idea who I was, so needless to say, it was footage that was completely unusable. It was incredibly humbling.”

Yeah. That’s gotta sting the old ego a bit.

…right up until he goes back to banging Talisa Soto on the huge pile of money that he got for being in Catwoman while remembering how good Julia Roberts was at mouthifying his business. He’s hurting alright. Bastard.

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  1. wellhe’s that one guy in that one movie about those people who drive stuff, and then he talks a little and so does the girl and it was like total coolness

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