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So we all know that Mel Gibson is a little bit… nutty. And by nutty, of course, I mean racist against anyone of Jewish heritage. But up until now, he’d done a fairly good job of skirting that line, and keeping his Aussie yap shut about his blatent hatred. Thankfully for all of us, there was a secret loosening agent for that ironclad maw of his, and that agent is… booze. Sweet, life sustaining booze has done amazing things for us all, like David Hasselhoff videos and celebrity sex tapes. But who thought it would lead to amazingly hilarious and career-ending comments like this?

Gibson’s publicist, Alan Nierob, would not elaborate beyond an apology Gibson issued Saturday in which the star admitted he uttered things to deputies.

A leaked arrest report quoted Gibson as saying “The Jews are responsible for all the wars in the world,” and asking an arresting officer, James Mee, “Are you a Jew?”

The fact that this guy is attached to a movie about the Holocaust is amazing. That’s slightly akin to casting Andrea Yates in Vin Diesel’s role in The Pacifier 2.

…which is a fucking brilliant move. I need to get started on a script treatment immediately.

Requests made to 411 operators regarding the home phone number of Mel Gibson were immediately returned with sarcastic remarks.

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  1. holy shit…\”It’s a nuclear disaster for him,\” said publicist Michael Levine, who has represented Michael Jackson and Charlton Heston, among others. \”I don’t see how he can restore himself.\”holy shit, when this guy says your career is over, that’s pretty fuckin sad…

  2. BSSo the fuck what, he got pulled over for 85 in a 45 zone, he blows a 0.12 and is arrested for it…I smell a new Movie!!!!He has TONS of Cash and bankrolls his own production without help from the big studios…Yea that bottle of Cactus Juice was found empty in his car, thats cause he drank it…

  3. niceDoesn’t he own his own pacific island or something? I remember reading about that awhile back after POTC was released..

  4. Assue?Mel isn’t Australian. He was born in New York. Lived there quite a while, if I recall correctly.

  5. So What?I don’t think this is that big of a deal. I mean, everybody says crazy shit when they’re drunk, right?

  6. crazy shitya, I say crazy shit all the time when intoxicated. e.g. \”I fucked your sister in the ass last night\” or \”Your sister fucked ME in the ass last night\”

  7. damnFirst nazi’s invade iTunes… Now they’ve got the closest man to God save the pope?!?! FUCK!@ WHEN WILL THE INSANITY END??!!? Save me, Jesus! And may you quickly spray creamy-white vengence upon all those who deny or reject you!

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