The Only Decent Product Of “Secret Wars”

Spidey. Black costume. Confirmed, bitches.

Spider Man 3 Poster
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Sony says it’s real, and that makes me happy. I guess I’d rather it were a solid black, like in the comics, rather than a greyscaled version of his regular suit, but whatever. It’s fucking Venom, and that gets me all horny down south. I’m wishing upon my star of twinkly little fucking stars that Eddie Brock/Venom doesn’t show up in this flick. I know that everyone seems to think that Topher Grace is playing Eddie/Venom in the flick, but check out the cast list, ladies, because it doesn’t say who he’s playing whatsoever. The rumor mill has been buzzing that he’ll be Electro, and that Venom won’t show up until Spider-Man 4. I like that idea. I likes it a lot.

Oh, and as cool as Venom was, let’s all remember where the fuck he came from: a crossover story where a bunch of heroes flew home on the city of Denver. Yeah, whole goddamned city, no foolin’. And everybody died, but didn’t, but did, and then… didn’t. And somehow, some way, Dazzler was not completely fucking useless. Venom was our tasty treat for enduring all of that.

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  1. Secret Wars was a good read!Whoa, whoa. Lets not forget that Secret Wars had some sweet action too. Molecule Man dropped a moutain on the heroes and what did the Hulk do…he caught it! That’s some Boss storytelling right there!

  2. Snickers Bar in mah Pants!Mmmmm… I was already at half mast from Secret Wars nostalgia… needless to say I would have popped a button off my pants at Idle’s mention of CGI Venom vs Spidey, but Im not really sporting enough package to accomplish such a feet. Ashame really… it would be a hell of a neat follow up to the one handed 2 second bra unbuckle.Volcana was hot in Secret Wars. She was running around barefoot though and that seemed wierd. Well… wierd and kinda hot. Yeh, I like feet…

  3. jesusI would kill for some belltower, space shuttle symbiote action. introduce venom in SM3, and have the whole carnage saga be SM4.

  4. sorry ladiessorry ladies but for some dumbass reason marvel went retarted. The black costume is does NOT mean venon so keep it in your pants rather our villian is sandman. Yes I know its a pity its on marvels webpage undermovies and i’d give you the link but the marvel site won’t load for me. but let us pray that SM3 has a better villian

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