welcome to hell, motherfuckers.

i really have nothing of value to say here, except that i have figured out how to post in this particular section of the website, imo.

and now, some proverbs from your zen-master, id:

whoever doesn’t see Freddy vs. Jason tonight, and enjoy it, will probably turn into some sort of flaming idiot. side note: you are already gay if you like Freddy more than Jason, imo.

what the fuck is wrong with the news, man. this california recall is starting to piss me off, and i am nowhere close to the state. could somebody please assassinate the governer, or something. at least they are now shifting their coverage from TERMINATOR GOVERNOR I’LL BE BACK to this whole blackout thing that happened in the northeast. fuck the news. people suck.

well, at least foxnews still has the tired “WAR ON TERROR” logo plastered all over their news programs. that is a classic banner that should never go away, imo.

oh yeah, i am suppose to be at work, or something. mindless bitching will pause for a while until i return and have nothing better to do, imo.

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  1. hey hey heyHey hey hey, whats goin on ruuuuudy?Man Fat Abbot, my stepdad pop me in mah eye.Stepdad? You betta off his ass. Glock glock, know what I’m sayin?*ahem*Glad to see you on the rants page id. You are loved.

  2. imoIs it possible you could write \”imo\” MORE in that \”rant\”? No shit it’s \”imo\”, it’s YOUR FUCKING POST, MORON. In closing…imoimoimoimoimoimothank you

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