What The Hell Was That?

So I’m sure a lot of you are wondering a couple of things.

  1. Where the Hell did the site go
  2. What’s with this slightly changed look?

Let me answer those questions in the order that they came. First, we had a bit of downtime thanks to our previous hosts, who decided to cancel BAMFs account without telling me. Why? Because the account was cancelled by me, back in February. Except instead of me, it was really some anonymous troll who looked suspiciously like David the Gnome, and instead of cancelling the account he just sat around and smoked a pipe all day long. When the hosting company saw this, they apparently took it as an immediate sign of the forthcoming apocalypse and shut down our account. At least, that’s my best estimate of the shenanigans that occurred over at our (now) former host.

The slightly altered look is due to two things. First is laziness, since I’m working my ass off at my real job and don’t have time to implement everything at the moment. Second, there’s a new layout on the way, so why bother changing it to look exactly like it did? See, it all boils down to laziness, first and foremost.

I’m glad to have the site back though, even if the server move and the redesign are being rushed now thanks to that shitheaded, pointy hat wearing troll. Expect the old staff to return, email to be back online, and the new layout soon. In that order, I’d imagine.

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By Sharkey

I run bamf.

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