Your Yarmulke Is Misaligned, Take Two Drinks

Bolt found this game yesterday, and we are going to turn it into the greatest drinking game ever conceived:

Amazing. A board game that teaches little Jewish children the proper way to keep their lives kosher. Never before have I seen a game so destined for boozery. Bolt, Killbot and I are going to grab a few bottles of Manishevitz and some pork chops for me, and hammer out the rules for this bad boy. If anybody is looking for a last-minute birthday gift idea for me, this is it. This is the be-all-end-all. Especially if it comes with a bottle of Jack Daniels.

I was trying to come up an even better game idea, perhaps something with a Kwanzaa-theme. But the idea of a board game based on robbing your neighbors’ freshly-opened Christmas gifts just seemed like a downer. Although I am in talks with Parker Bros. regarding a game based on Mexican immigration. I don’t want to spill too much, but there will be bonus points for impregnating blonde high-school girls and running out on child support.

What? If you can’t be racist around your birthday, when can you be racist? …fine. I’ll make up a board game filled with honkey stereotypes. But what could be the theme? Hmmmm….

From the makers of 'Monopoly: Compton', 'Samoan Twister', and 'Guess Who?: Auschwitz Edition' comes 'Crackaland'. Fun and excitement for the whole plantation.

Happy now?

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By Sharkey

I run bamf.


  1. hahShit, I thought you shopped that bagel in there. Sometimes I think the jews TRY to live up to their stereotypes.Great solo drinking game – go to (jewish singles community) and drink when you see a profile/pic of an ugly jewish girl.

  2. hmI’m tempted to call ‘bullshit’ on you being a Polish by the fact that you’re using a computer. Then again, you did capitalize the ‘p’ in ‘people’ for no apparent reason.Man, I wish one of my english teachers would’ve said something like that. \”Why did you capitalize an improper noun mid-sentence, are you a polack?\”

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