It’ll Be Hilarious Once Spencer Dumps Her

Awesome, Heidi Montag fucking snapped! Damn work and school, keeping me from important news about this walking trainwreck:

This story is kind of sad and pathetic now, because who’s going to hire her when she’s so dramatically different from the (semi) famous person we used to recognize? At least, not for anything serious, I’d certainly hire her to stand next to her old posters to freak out guests at my Halloween party. But the true comedy is going to come in about ten or fifteen years, when all of those plastic parts start to sag and buckle under the strain of whatever consumption problem she’s bound to develop, whether it be heroin or bon bons. She’s going to put Jocelyn Wildenstein to shame at this rate.

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By Sharkey

I run bamf.


  1. No comment about Heidious Montag, but hey man it’s fucking great to have you back, Sharks. BAMF is working its way back into my daily check routine.

  2. 63echo: I know, me too. I thought bamf was back to having sharkey post regularly. what a disappointment to see he fell off the wagon as well. I grew up with bamf, since the late 90’s

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