The Human Torch Should Have Had A Living Trust

My favorite comic shop has been suffering from the economic downturn, so I’ve been doing my best to head in there every week or two. It’s been years since I stopped going religiously, due to a combination of laziness and a lack of viable purchase options. Prices these days are fucking crazy. No wonder the industry is dying, almost everything on the shelf was between four and five bucks.

The price is bad enough, but then there’s the quality. Most of what I had been purchasing were back issues, completing unfinished stories like Orson Scott Card’s Iron Man. Since I’ve exhausted any lingering curiosities, I’ve been left with only the new comics shelf. I stood there for about an hour, leafing through various stuff, and damned if almost every book isn’t split up between multiple artists. I hated that shit when they’d occasionally use it back in the nineties, and now it’s the Goddamned norm. You get ten pages of the good artist and twenty more from a couple of hacks who weren’t worth crediting on the cover. That doesn’t even take into account the shittiness of most of these stories. It’s like they don’t want you to buy anything.

If you’ve got any suggestions on new comics to pick up, leave them in the comments. Hopefully there’s something worthwhile.

Just a sidenote, I had forgotten that most comic shops give you your wares in a black bag, like you’d just purchased a bunch of pornography. I chuckled when I realized that I’d probably rather have random passersby thinking that I’d bought a bunch of porn than a stack of comics.

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  1. Not the normal superhero stuff: Walking Dead, Chew, and Sweet Tooth. Fantastic art and are very well-written with intriguing storylines.

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