23. Such a lovely number.

If you haven’t emptied your bank accounts into Sharkey’s PayPal account yet…we’re still waiting on you. Snap to it. Sharkey only gets a birthday once every 300 years when the full blue moon shows its dark side to the earth and the fairy elves of downtown Atlanta paint love signs upon coffee houses across the south, so break open those wallets and…

*gets pulled aside for whisper session*

…ladies and gentlemen, I retract all statements about the fairy elves. From now on ‘fairy elves’ will be referred to as ‘mundanely challenged fair folk’. In any case, our…uh…’mundanely challenged fair folk’ lord (aka Sharkey) shall be receiving his b-day cash deposit from me Friday. Hopefully this will put all those nasty things I said about his cleanliness and personal hygiene habits behind us. I think Pimp Chewy would agree that this is the best course of action.

And now for something completely different…OMG! K!D5 |]0|\|’T n() |-|0|/\| 2 r!t3!!

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