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Metal Slug 3 Comes To XBLASince I’ve loaned my Wii to my nephew while he’s in town visiting, and my 360 is still waiting for that Goddamned box from Microsoft that is arriving via a sled driven by a pack of snails along a salt covered highway, I’m a little more starved for gaming news than usual. Here are a few headlines that make my pants tingle in that Heather Graham in License To Drive sort of way.

  • Metal Slug 3 On XBLA This WednesdayFinally. I don’t understand why SEGA, SNK, Namco, and some of the other arcade greats aren’t spending more of their time converting more late 90’s arcade hits to the Live Arcade format. At least we’ll have Metal Slug now, and in glorious 720p hi-def glory. Nothing about online multiplayer or co-op though, but it’ll be awesome to actually finish a Metal Slug title without bringing a roll of quarters. You know… once I get my fucking 360 back.
  • Super Smash Brothers Goes Gold? – My nephew has a weird Sonic the Hedgehog fetish, so this game has him crapping his underoos in anticipation. The release date for the next “it prints money” title for Nintendo has been leaping around forever, so it’s nice to know that they might actually release it sometime around the early February US release date. I think there will be some therapeutic value to stripping Samus of her Metroid armor and slapping her around with impunity.
  • Lego Portal – Not much else I can say, other than awesome.
  • Atari Is In Trouble – Maybe they should just start reporting when Atari isn’t in trouble to save us all some time.

By the way, for anyone who was excited for NiGHTS on the Wii… don’t bother. Sometimes cult classics should just be left the Hell alone.

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