The Last Gaming Update Of 2007

Well, the return box for my bricked 360 hasn’t arrived yet, which led to a fun 1-hour phone call to India Microsoft tech support. That means that I have even more time to snuggle up to my Wii while my cousin catches up on achievement points. Though I’ve got one up on him, in that I’m not getting married any decade soon, whereas he’ll be tying the noose knot in a couple of months. Then her “nice” mask is going to come off and he’ll effectively be dead to the gaming world, so I win by glorious default. Not that I needed it, but hey, I’ll take it.

  • Watch This. – The trivia bit is fantastic.
  • Weighted Weighted Companion Cubes – Fuck the plushies, I want one of these. If it were really my companion, it’d want to hurt people in the eyeballs with its dull edges.

    …and I want a plushie too, so hurry up and restock, Valve.

  • It’s Virtual Console Monday for the Wii, so that means some new shit on which to spend your virtual dollars. This week brings us Top Hunter, Light Crusader, and a little-known title called Bubble Bobble. Spend and acquire, fellow consumer whores.

I was going to complain about still being at work on New Years Eve, but the bossman just poked his head in and told me to get the fuck out… in a good way.

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