CD Review: Atreyu – “The Curse”

Finally, a band that isn’t fucking confused as to what they want to sound like. Atreyu’s debut album was rich with promise, but lacked a lot of focus. The elements of hardcore, metal, and melody came together on songs like “Lip Gloss and Black” and “Ain’t Life Grand?” but failed on others.

Happily, with The Curse, Atreyu has found a sound that fits them like a glove. Rather than try and meld hardcore and metal, the band has gone almost completely in a direction that mixes the driving force of Slayer with the lyrical musicality of Iron Maiden. There’s no random shrieks or screams on this disc. The band manages to mix the singing with the screaming in a way that shows they know what their sound is supposed to be.

This is a band that wants to be heavy. And damn if they don’t succeed… and well. The guitars are sickeningly crunchy, and the drums and bass boom with authority. “Bleeding Mascara” has next to no hardcore influence, and is amazingly metal for a Victory act. There’s a definite reason Atreyu is on this year’s Ozzfest. They’re going to fit in just fine alongside Judas Priest.

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  1. Atreyu…If this was the only hardcore band I had ever heard… I wouldn’t like hardcore at all. This band makes bad music.

  2. The CurseI wanted to read what others thought about one of the coolest hardcore bands gone softer. In most types of music that wouldnt really matter, but the genre Atreyu used to fit under was Hardcore. If you dont listen to hardcore like Jeff Smithey than you probably shouldnt post on a hardcore band for several obvious reasons. This band is really talented as are most hardcore bands because 80s metal sounds are hard to write and play. This band’s shows are insane, ive gone to 20+ metal/hardcore concerts and have come out without a scratch after moshing. I came out of Atreyu’s with blood running down my face..and i loved it. Im just sad to see them go..

  3. HardcoreAtreyu has always been closer to metal than hardcore, at least to me. In my world, hardcore has always meant bands like Minor Threat, Gorilla Biscuits, Sick of It All, and so forth.

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