Come to think of it there WAS something…

If you don’t read Get Fuzzy this won’t make any sense to you. However, if you don’t read Get Fuzzy then you should. It’s a wonderful comic, one of the best out there right now. If you don’t have a chance to read the comics you should check the archives starting on the 16th to understand what I’m about to go off about. Now, to commence with the going-off:
What the HELL was with that story?!? Bucky was IN the monkey cage. This was the culmination of Bucky’s existance. The monkey’s advancing on Bucky, who is armed with a spork and the comic cuts out. You assume it’s so that the next day you can start with the real funny “Bucky v. the giant monkey” strips. WRONG. You get Rob and Satchel sitting around in the office and a few semi-funny jokes while Bucky is just handed back to them. I kept waiting for him to go back to the monkey cage to finish what he started. I was hoping that Darby Connely, was playing a joke on the readers by building up to an awesome story and then only pretending to snatch it away from us. Now I know that he is indeed only a cruel, cruel shell of a man who lives to hurt others for his own amusement.


  1. Bah!I was also dissapointed in the outcome of that story. My favorite image was of Bucky advancing toward the monkey cage, saying \”Monkey…monkey….monkey\”

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