Just got the new Against All Authority cd, The Restoration of Chaos and Order this morning. I hadn’t gotten two tracks in when my youngest, Dom, who’s six, wandered into our combination laundry room / office.

No sooner had he heard a few notes than he started throwing arms gorilla-style like an old-school pit veteran. I think letting him watch Sick of It All‘s “Step Down” video a year ago might have made more of an impression on him than I thought.

Great compliment as to the cd, tho’. If a six year-old thinks it’s punk, then it’s pretty damn obviously punk rock. There’s some great breakdowns to which you can dance, that’s for damn sure. It could use a little more horn, but it gets broken out and AAA gets back to their Destroy What Destroys You roots here and there.

Against All Authority – “The Restoration Of Chaos & Order” (streaming)
Sick Of It All – “Step Down” (video)

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