Slice Of The Day: Christina Aguilera

Wow. You’ve gotta love when a chick like Christina Aguilera feels the need to revive her career a little bit. In excellent “remember me?” fashion, she’s graced the pages of GQ wearing nothing but a white sheet and her hands. Fantastic.

This tactic would definitely have the opposite effect if say, Britney Spears gave it a shot. Every time she makes another appearance it just makes me chuckle to think that the Family Guy parody of her, legless from diabetes, will more than likely come to fruition.

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By Sharkey

I run bamf.


  1. OuchMan – how can someone you percieve as a fuck-pig through the media – clean up so well ??I’d bang it for sure…with a rubber of course.

  2. GGShe has been out of the Limelight i figure for a reason, too much attention tends to wear them out, i offer Britney as an example of this. Christina’s people are more than happy to let Jessica and Brit’s life be swallowed up in a Hell Hole, besides you cant buy this kind of public backlash…..We can look forward to her coming back on-line soon im sure…

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