Dead Or Alive, You’re… Oh, I Guess Dead Then

Slightly racist, and that's why we liked it.If you haven’t heard of Will Eisner… well, you’re probably not a comic book fan. But if you had, then you know that the man was a sagelike father figure to the entire industry. And one of his long standing works, The Spirit, is finally going to be made into a feature-length flick. And it looks like Frank Miller (Sin City, 300) has been tapped to direct, making it his first unassisted job at the helm.

The Spirit, which debuted in 1940, tells the story of a masked detective who is believed to be dead. Using a mausoleum as his home base, Eisner’s character fights crime in the dark shadows of Central City, using cunning and ingenious forms of punishment.

“I intend to be extremely faithful to the heart and soul of the material, but it won’t be nostalgic. It will be much scarier than people expect,” said Miller.

Miller said he’s putting together a treatment that consists in large part of panels from the “Spirit” strip. Shooting is expected to start in late spring.

Now before you go getting all a-tingly in your nether regions, let me point out to you that Frank Miller’s record is not as gleaming as some of you might think. Sure, when it comes to comic books, the guy is a freaking genius. But did you also know that this literary visionary also penned the screenplay for not only the less-than-satisfactory Robocop 2, but the wholly unacceptable Robocop 3? That’s right, this guy may have created Elektra and introduced the world to Ronin, but he also killed off Lewis and made Robocop fight those ridiculous ninja robots. So, as we should have done when George Lucas resurfaced in the late 90’s, don’t get your little fanboy hopes up. That’s a surefire way to get disappointed.

“My friends call me Murphy. You call me… Robocop.”

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  1. …I’m not into comics (or graphic novels, whatthefuckever) but sin city, the movie, I really liked. If this movie is anywhere as good as that than i’ll check it out.

  2. Robocop a non-issueMiller didn’t really write the script for the Robocops – he wrote semi-final drafts which I guess were changed heavily by the studio, and his Robocop 3 script apparently has nothing to do with the film (no ninjas)

  3. bah*Noob warning*I admit i know jack shit about comic books, but that does sound a lot like the Darkman movie.

  4. wellLooks like Frank Miller got his shit movies out of the way early. Who knows, he’s probably so coked up after Sin City who knows what he will produce…I wonder if he tapped Jessica Alba. Now I hate him.

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