K-Fed Continues To Impress

What An Attention Whore.

Britney Spears’ rapper wannabe hubby, Kevin Federline, reportedly consumed by jealousy over Justin Timberlake’s singing success, is telling friends his debut album – to be released next month – will “pulverize Justin on the charts,” a source told Star maggie.

But now that Timberlake’s ex-love Britney has hooked her hubby up with Jive Records, the former N’SYNC member’s record label, K-Fed has “convinced himself that he’s going to be the next Justin, only better.”

Justin’s PR rep Ken Sunshine reportedly “laughed hysterically” when told of Federline’s grandiose gab.

Someone give this man a reality show. He’s like the stupidity of Jessica Simpson, Rick James’ ego (minus the talent), and an episode of Cops all stuffed into a sweaty wifebeater. UPN oughtta snap this wigger up, post haste.

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By Sharkey

I run bamf.


  1. i think…that good ol’ k-fed may have an inferiority complex caused by his tiny, tiny penis.or maybe he’s been wearing his cornrows too tight and all circulation of bloodflow to his brain has stopped, taking away what little intelligence he once may have had.lost his intelligence AND his hot wife. poor guy.

  2. wait…I think they tried the reality show already. I remember a radio morning show playing clips from it.

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