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Everyone should know by now that I’ve got a Superman fetish. This usually raises an eyebrow or two from various girlfriends, but it makes book purchases much more simple. The other day for example, the girl and I were picking out books for the trip… well, I was… and I stumbled upon It’s Superman: A Novel. I actually really enjoyed this one. It takes a lot of liberties with the storyline, but it makes for a really great story. Much darker than anything canon, and it sets the stage back in the early thirties. Clark is less of a boyscout, Lois is a typical woman, and you can almost empathize with Lex Luthor’s complete contempt for humanity. Well, I do anyway.

Next on my list to pick up is World War Z, which has been discussed quite a bit in the forums lately. Zombie War, mayhem and carnage, sounds right up my alley. Plus it’s been optioned by Paramount and possibly Brad Pitt, so you can get ahead of the curve and be all cool, like people who had read Fight Club before it was filmed. Lousy jerks, think they’re so great.

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  1. World War Z……is an excellent read. I’m a little over half-way through it. Great example of how humanity is, deep down, pretty much the same beast. Definitely requires a bit of geographic knowledge, but it’s easy to pick up on if (like me) you suck at it. Definitely helps if you have an active imagination.

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