Story involving the new Weird Al and the girl who is the music director at the college radio station where I work

Some background info: I recently re-entered college after a six year break to drink, do drugs, and watch a lot of [adult swim]. Anyhow, I am now back on the staff of the college radio station and am part of what is called “music staff.” This is the group of indie elitists who decides what makes it into rotation at the station.

I get to the music staff meeting on Sunday evening, whacked to the gillls on cold meds, and begin sorting through the new cds. As I discover new music that is not really grabbing my interest, I hear someone say a bit quizzically “Weird Al Yankovic?!”

Without missing a beat, I’m all over it. “I’ll do it!”

Beat. Pause. Melissa (music director) looks at me and says, “Y’know… you can just have it. It’s not going to make it into rotation, and if it gets to the stacks, someone will probably play it.”

This causes me to think, “And how would that be bad?” However, I’m not going to turn down a free copy of a cd I want two days before the release date, no matter how elitist and shitty that viewpoint is.

In revenge, I’m planning a fall break freeform shift involving the entire Weird Al discography. Four hours, fuckers- and in the middle of the day when everybody’s listening. That’ll learn you to maybe have an open mind every now and then.

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  1. Great planI remember being on a lame high school radio station, althought that was like 10 years ago. Nice to hear nothing has changed. As much as I love Al, 4 straight hours is one helluva punishment.

  2. asstasticWeird Al eh,Since when is disliking bad music that is extremely popular with the kids elitist?I’m sorry the man is neither funny, though in the distant past maybe, nor something I nor other sane individuals want to hear it in as heavy a rotation as it would inevitably be played if it was in the stack.To some extent see also TMBG.

  3. whatWeird Al is extremely popular with the kids these days? That’s news to me.I like the R. Kelly tracks he did on this CD.Not that I’ve heard the new CD. All I listen to is Fugazi. Or Sepultura. Can’t remember which.

  4. All of the aboveI’ve been lurking here since about Y2K, but I’ve got to speak out on this one. Weird Al: never stopped being hilarious and a rock-solid musician. Four hours of him: just punishment for such heathen sins. College radio: nine times out of ten, way better than the nationally owned crap. All of you (with the possible exceptions of Soabirw and lotus): go to hell, bitches.

  5. d’ohAnd yeah, what he said! People all up in here insulting They Might Be Giants. You all annoy me as well. I have spoken!

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