Hatred, among other things

I hate stupid people. That goes without saying. Driving is the worst. It’s like TIMMAY said, I’m not a Chick Magnet, I’m a Retard Magnet. Some asshat AIM’s me asking about my SWG credits. I really wish I’d saved the conversation. Seriously. He asks if I’ll send him half the credits, then he pays me, then I send him the rest. I ask him if he goes to buy a dozen donuts (Homer: mmmmm … Donuts….) does the baker let him eat six, then pay, then he gets the other six? He says that other sellers have let him do that. I tell them to buy from them, then, I’m not as dumb as he apparently is for thinking I’d fall for some shitty stupidass scam.

I get behind the wheel and I swear people make it their mission to bring out Road Rage in me. Cut in front of me doing 10 miles under the speed limit? I remember the days when I would drive a lot more aggressively and run people off of the freeway…. So I’m out with Jasek and some people that I sort of know. I’m moderately trying to impress one of the girls along with us. Jasek says, “Orion ran someone off the freeway once.” “No I didn’t.” “D00d, it was a blue pickup truck on highway 52.” “You were there? Fuck, I thought I was alone…. er… I never did that!” Oh well. So some n00b in SWG is completely boggled at how he could /tell one of my characters and I respond with the other. Wow, isn’t that confusing? Well, not really. How about you just go on your way and leave me alone before your stupidity pisses me off?

I think I should get hot on my book. I’ve got this great big signing tour lined up but the book isn’t even done yet. Of course, I take time out of gaming to rant like this, but I don’t take time out to actually write. I think that that’s a problem. Oh yeah, I hate cats, too. It’s like that saying. Most men will say they like cats. However, when women aren’t looking, real men kick cats. This reminds me of what it was during UO times… same first line, second one becomes, however, when women aren’t looking, real men shoot arrows into cats. Gosh I miss that game sometimes. Not enough to pay for it again, mind you, but, you know….

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  1. dudeYour a dillholeGrow up pleaseThe last time i heard about some gayy shit like that was when people were selling and buying S.O.J’s from Diablo 2 off frickin ebayGod Damned Freaks give the rest of us normal dorks a bad name….damnit

  2. P.S.by the way ONLY FUCKIN LITTLE SISSY FAGGOTS ( meaning you) kick animals 1/5 thier fucking size.I mean it’s not the cats fault you dad \”touched\” you in funny places.You wanna kick stuff……come kick me….i’ll even tell you where I live, comon down. Bitch

  3. where’s my car?Something tells me he doesn’t *really* kick the cats. Just a hunch, though.I feel you on the road rage thing, though. My friend had this asshole drive him off the highway one time. He fucked up his nice blue pickup. What a jerk that guy must have been.If they changed UO and made it more of a \”best of\” I’d love to get back into it. Dread lords with precasting. Thiefs with a heavy Xbow in their bag that are going to fuck you up after stealing all your mandrake. Untill then I’m staying the hell away from MMORPG’s.

  4. Address?Sure, I’d love to know where you live. I’ll even stop by. Then, when I get there, I’ll realise that assaulting a minor (even if you start it) means I’d go to jail. I’m not about to go to jail over a twelve year old with bad English skills.Oh yeah, and I sense your jealousy over money you apparently don’t make selling game itesm / money. It’s ok, I’m sure your manager at McDonald’s appreciates your Work Ethic and Integrity at working the honest job instead of the gay one.

  5. HehI enjoy the fact that you insult his English skills, then go on to misspell the word \”items\” and start capitalizing words that don’t need to be capitalized.Just amusing. *Shrug*

  6. EnglishItems was a type-o. You’re probably right in your assumption, though, itesm is how I’d think it was spelled normally. Capitalization of certain words was for sarcasm that his Work Ethic was of a holy/divine nature. I’m sorry that the subtleties of language are lost on a lot of people. The reason that I criticize grammar skills is that 99% of the retards on the internet don’t know how to use the word [i]you’re[/i] correctly. It gets annoying.

  7. Dammit Orion…Dude, beating up 12 year olds with bad grammar is so 3 months ago… DUH!/Sarcasm, acting like everyone else that ever puts comments in your posts, so on and so forth.

  8. road ragei agree with the road rage bit. i fuckin’ hate people who cut you off like their in a hurry and then slow down. for those people i carry a bag full of peebles in my car to throw at them, you should try it. guarunteed to make you feel better!!

  9. Re: AddressI live in Huntington Beachyou can find me at the corner of florida and uticacome on down i swear you’ll limp awayi’d give you m exact address but you’d probably bea little bitch and fuck my house up or soemthingso you want beef you got it bitch and as for being a minor im fuckin 23 fuck face so if you’re such a badass come down and i’ll gouge out your eyes and fuck start your faceH.D.Pbitch


  11. catsMy dad used to tie one end of a rope to one cat’s tail and the other end to another cat’s tail. Then throw them over a clothesline and have them duke it out. I used to think it was bad but after reading Hsing cry about it I am actually laughing at the whole thing. Cats just suck. Get over it.I am just waiting for Hsing to finally get mad enough to post his address because I live in FL and get drunk often. That translates into dead kitty on his door step. (just fucking around but I would love to see Mr. Caps Lock cry on a Sunday morning)-Irishp.s. That line about real men kicking cats, wasn’t that part of a comedian’s act? It sounds vaguely familiar.

  12. something like that…I remember an old Eddie Murphy tape where he talks about his family reunion and how his father beats the shit out of his dog. Im sure he wasnt the only one to do that bit in some form…As for road rage? I took the zen route and remembered how in 10 minutes Ill never see these people again. Seriously helped me alot. Though I realize its a joke, hurting animals for no apparent is pretty psycho shit. You know what else is psycho? Playing games all fucking day to sell them. You know what else is even psychoer (not a word) than that? Fuckers who spend a good clip of cash ON that character. You know what is most psycho though?Long, sprawling replys on message boards. Oops, doobie is goin out, later. heh.

  13. Hsing IFirst off, what a stupid name to choose as your posting one. Second off, if you knew Orion you would PRAY that you didn’t give him even as much information as you did. He has my phone number and \”I\” am scared, and I am one of his FRIENDS.Third, I am enjoying listing things… and enjoying the thought of your punk ass (yes, punk ass at 23… go figure) getting the shit beat out of him by my military trained friend. Oh… such good thoughts…Fourth, cats? Cats are fucking stupid ass animals. Seriously. I don’t like dogs much either, but cats are the fucking worst. Shed everywhere, claw up your clothes, chew on your computer wires. Cats are the fucking devil, and what reward do you get? *purr fucking purr* big fucking deal.Fifth, you tell HIM to grow up? How fucking STUPID are you? You are 23 years of fucking age and you are doing a whole pust with caps. Let me make number six in caps for you.SIX, WHAT IF HE LIVES ALL THE WAY ACROSS THE FUCKING COUNTRY FROM YOU? WHAT IF HE DOES NOT WANT TO SPEND THE MONEY TO COME FIND YOUR DUMBASS AND BEAT THE LIVING SHIT OUT OF YOU? HONESTLY I WOULD NOT WASTE MY MONEY. SERIOUSLY MAN, WHO WOULD WANT TO WASTE THEIR MONEY ON SOMEONE WITH AN IQ BELOW 80, I KNOW I WOULD NOT WANT TO.Seven through Ten, I couldn’t think of anything… but damn, think before you insult someone. Atleast be a little fucking smart about it. Obviously you’re a diablo 2 player, so you’re going to tell me about your 1337 barbarian who can 0wnz0r everyone on diabl0 with your 1337 hax0ring skills. When obviously, I don’t give a fuck. If you use that many contradicting sentences in your posts. Damn… I feel relieved.

  14. damnok all i have to say is i think faster then i can type…sorry for not being a COMPLETE FUCKING LOSER like the rest of you fucks and as for my posting name…..usea search engine of your choice and type it in.there are some variations in spelling such as Hsing Ye – Hsing I – Xing YiPeace you redneck fucks

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