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And in the “make-you-feel-better-about-yourself” department, we have this juicy little tidbit: apparently the majority of men in India are too small for normal condoms.

The study found that more than half of the men measured had penises that were shorter than international standards for condoms.

It has led to a call for condoms of mixed sizes to be made more widely available in India.

“Smaller condoms are on sale in India. But there is a lack of awareness that different sizes are available. There is anxiety talking about the issue. And normally one feels shy to go to a chemist’s shop and ask for a smaller size condom.”

Might I suggest that India outsource all of their sexual activity to America? Cheaper, efficient, more bang for your buck…. just something to think about.

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  1. who’d a thunk it? is uip with average IQ rising as penis size falls?asian people=teeny weenies \”on_average\”. but on average a very smart people.indians=teeny weenie yet also smart.caucasians= somwhere in the middle amongest nationalities but yet also considered smaller and again also smarter than the average race.africans= lets face it, bigger than average. and also less smart on average.the ONLY evidence i can find that disrupts the stereotype is mexicansmexicans=known for having small enchiledas. but as a race on average they cannot be considered anywhere near the league asians,indians and whites are found in.therefore i must conclude. mexicans are behind a secret plot to overthrow the us government by pretending to be a bunch of mindless peach/strawberry harvesters. (ride by ANY farm here in the south and see what race is working the fields if you think thats a stereotype. :P)but as long as we hold them in awe of our bulbous american peni’ then we shall overcome!i think we each should club a sleepy mexican over the head with our dicks tonight and begin the new revolution! viva la americana weenor!

  2. YeaThe post above mine is dealing with issues, i therefore submit this as example #1, please discuss amongst yourselves while i make Pie.

  3. ( o Y o )Draven was a human once, the son of a respected blacksmith in Talking Island village. He was a normal child in many ways, but even at an early age there were some signs of what was to come. Nearly every day he would come home battered and bloodied after being sent out to play with the other children. When his father would ask him what happened, it would always be a similar response. Sometimes it would be a fight with a group of bullies that Draven saw teasing a smaller child. Other times, a brawl with street urchins tormenting a cornered animal with sticks in an alley. Time and time again, his father would try unsuccessfully to teach Draven that he couldn’t save everyone. As he grew older he showed an aptitude for the fighting arts and trained day and night at the fighter’s guild. As his skills grew, so did the evils he faced. When a group of Orcs attacked the town and kidnapped some of the villagers, Draven would be the first to sign up for the raiding party to try to get them back. When a group of thieves were breaking into homes, he patrolled the streets every night until he found them and brought them to trial.

  4. :|First off, great job creating this flash, it shows that you definitely put a lot of work into it. The intro scene was especially great with the music and all that, very easy to get into it. I also like the idea of Link using an evil sword in the name of good, just makes him seem even more bad-ass.Unfortunately, I’m a nit-picker, I’m very into details. If I recall correctly (which I do, just an easy way to start a sentence without saying \”First of all again\” 😛 ), Link went off to the east into the clouds to reach the dungeon, yet when he kicks the Faceless MJ Clown off the tower, he appears back on the map where the tower was in the actual LttP. Makes no sense whatsoever, unless F-MJ-C \”teleported\” him there on purpose (which would be stupid if you think about it).Second off, as it was said earlier, LoZ has never had any blood in it, and it just doesn’t seem \”right\” to have them getting chopping in half and having their heads smashed, or being thrown into walls and then slowly sliding down, leaving a trail of blood behind. It would definitely add to the flash if you just left it as it should be, where the enemies disappear after you kill them and make the weird little noises. Not really a problem, just seems weird, so feel free to ignore this paragraph.Third, the whole thing with the sage saving Link after being \”knocked out with one hit\” seemed, well… stupid. We never even saw an attack, just the MS and the Dark Triforce merge, which didn’t even look like it could be an attack. If they had merged and a beam of some sort came out and blasted Link, maybe heard him scream or something, it would have made a little more sense.Oh yea, just another thing to randomly point out: Right before hitting play, on your little \”recap\” thing, it explains how the fire mage is planning on use the MS and Dark Triforce to contain (blah blah blah), and then out of nowhere it says \”Zelda was also kidnapped by a mysterious figure\”. That’s just seemed really random and out of nowhere, and if it wasn’t the fire mage that kidnapped her, then it makes absolutely no sense at all, and shouldn’t even be known as a mysterious figure, shoudl just say she was kidnapped. Something like, \”Link, in an attempt to protect Zelda from a bomb, leaps to push her out of the way, only for her to mysteriously vanish, with only an evil laughter echoing through the air left behind.\”Oh well, just my two cents, I know saying this won’t change anything, but hopefully you’ll consider some things I said for your next flash video… although I don’t really know how you can put most of what I said into the next one, but whatever. As I stated earlier, it’s a great video, you clearly put lots of effort into it, I like the story, etc, etc. Great job 🙂

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