My Non-Review of Wonder Woman 1984

There’s really nothing I can say about Wonder Woman 1984 that hasn’t been said better by RedLetterMedia (twice), Pitch Meetings, Critical Drinker, We Hate Movies, or [insert bad movie commentary of your choice]. I just wanted to relate that I didn’t think I could laugh any harder at a movie than at the end of the Raiders-ripoff chase scene, but it just kept getting funnier and funnier.

  • Chris Pine somehow knows how to load and launch this missile AND not have it blow up any civilians.
  • Wonder Woman whip rides the missile. Glorious.
  • This happens:

*Chef’s Kiss* This video was the only reason I wanted to post anything. I also made it into a gif. Hell, this would be my first-ever tattoo if an animated tattoo were somehow possible.

Oh, and if you must make the stupid choice to have Wonder Woman literally Ride the Lighting (as opposed to just flying) how do you also decide to make the lightning wait around for four seconds so that she can lasso it and yank herself forward? People know how lightning works, it isn’t very patient. Why not have her lasso’s whip-crack cause the damned lightning and it can just immediately launch her forward…somehow. I guess that would look way too good in comparison to the rest of the godawful cgi in this stinker.

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