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Wherein our hero doesn’t want to flesh out a full post for any of these things that actually made him laugh, but I still want to talk about them, so you get:

Screech Has Stage 4 Cancer.
There’s nothing funny about this; cancer is the worst. It has caused horrible things for some my favorite people and associated horrible things for myself and the remainder of my favorite people. Not. Funny.

Unless Kevin did it. If you have been watching the Saved By the Bell reboot or get nostalgic entertainment media spammed down your throat every minute of every goddamned day across all supposedly benign platforms, you have heard that the official status of Samuel Powers in the Belliverse is “living on a space station with his robot buddy Kevin.” There’s plenty to unpack with this concept, but let’s just skip to the fact that according to Moore’s law, Kevin is at minimum around 50 orders of magnitude more advanced than the last time we saw him. He would have to be sick of Screech’s shit 49 orders ago, give or take. Out in space, years to execute your plan, you aren’t affected by solar radiation that I don’t understand. I could buy it in a very special episode.

Or my other more likely theory is true: Kevin is and has always been a Hobbes-esque character that only exists in the real world as a NES R.O.B.

CAROLINE! keep my name out of your thin mouth
Brilliant artist creates beautiful music out of the garbage chute of the internet. You can find more info and another video here.

This punchline got me good.
Raph always was the angry one. From now on I’ll feel weird singing that theme song.

The end scene from Mandalorian (you know the one) set to Bonnie Tyler’s Holding out for a Hero unsurprisingly works well. I’ve always associated this song with Johnny Five, like any decent human being should, but this is a strong contender.

The Monkey Tail Beard is exactly the kind of thing that makes me glad to stay indoors. I would love to see reaction videos of people seeing this with masks on in public. It would probably be less easily-identified on first-glance, so the person who does notice is going to be goddamned baffled for a few seconds.

Plek Kek Kek
There’s about a 0.0% chance that you haven’t seen this, but it makes me happy every time I see it. I tried setting it as the ringtone for a good friend, but accidentally set it for all calls. Thanks to 2020 I haven’t had a reason to change it for a very long time.

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