Fed up with restaurants offering “fried pawns” and “bean eurd,” Beijing tourism officials are launching a campaign to stamp out mangled English on menus and public signs, a state newspaper reported Friday.

“There are many ‘Chinglish’ words on road signs, public notices, menus and signs describing scenic spots, which often puzzle foreigners,” the China Daily quoted Xiong Yumei, vice director of the Beijing Tourism Bureau, as saying. [Story]

I believe that this is part of a plot to remove all fun from the universe. Next thing you know they are going to expect us to order without using the chinaman voice.

*finishes with a stolen story so he can get back to his usual routine of playing stratego indoors*
Eating at a chinese restaurant with the family, the waitress (to whom English is a second language) takes everyone’s orders.
She gets to my cousin, who, in his best Chinaman voice, says “I wanna numma six”
His mother gives him a smack upside the head.
The waitress asks “You no want him have numma six?”
Couldn’t help but laugh.

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