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Britain’s Ikara Colt has broken up. This is a good thing.

No, I don’t hate the band. Far from it. As a matter of fact, I consider “Rudd”, off their debut Chat and Business, to be one of my favorite buzz/garage/alt./whatever rock songs of the past five years. What makes this a good thing is the following (summation from NME): “the Colt’s oft-expressed and entirely admirable opinion that after five years, all bands should be taken out and shot.”

That’s right. The band said they would break up after five years, and then they fucking did it. And it’s not like they were doing poorly. All of their albums have received good reviews, and they had a successful US tour. As they put it on their website: “[W]e always said that we would split up after five years and that five years is up, better to go out this way than to turn into some old, tired and jaded outfit.”

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  1. ikara colthey ermm ikara colt havent split up actually der touring in japan at the moment lol and i know this 1st hand i know the mom of the lead singerl o lso der still going strong

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