Split up rock ‘n’ roll

Kitty Play Records will be releasing a limited edition Supersuckers / Burden Brothers split 7″ later this year.

Here’s the official label word:

“Supersuckers either you know them or you don’t. But if you don’t its because you’re head has been under a rock for YEARS. This band from Arizona hails all the way back to the Sub Pop Seattle grunge rock days and they have been touring a city near you ever since. The Supersuckers thought releasing a split with the Burden Brothers was such a cool idea, that they are going to self-release a completely different Burden Brothers split 7” on their own Mid-Fi Records as well.

Vaden Todd Lewis, Taz Bentley, and Casey Orr have been in a lot of awesome bands, but the band that matters most is the Burden Brothers. After a series of 3 amazing box sets on Last Beat Records, the Burden Brothers, have released their full length, “Buried In Your Black Heart” on Kirtland Records. Quit asking for new Toadies, Reverend Horton Heat or GWAR albums and check out the Burden Brothers instead.”

The Kitty Play 7″ will be limited to 1,000 copies, and according to a message posted by the Burden Brothers on MySpace, each artist’s cut will be a live song.

The Burden Brothers also recently released a live dvd entitled RYFOLAMF on Kirtland Records.

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