I live in San Marcos now. It’s a suburb of Sandy Eggo. I have a friend on Texas, and she lives in San Marcos, too. She said that she lives in the evil San Marcos. Her zip code is _ _ 6 6 6. So, does that mean I live in the good San Marcos with a zip of _ _ 0 6 9? I think so.

I was in CompUSA yesterday (closest place to my house to buy a $10 EQ coaster – no further comment why) and saw a flyer for AOL and it read, 27 Million People Can’t Be Wrong! Alright, I’m not a very big history buff, but how many Germans were in Nazi Germany in World War II? Hell, maybe just Hitler’s army alone…. Can’t be wrong, eh?

I’m single again. It’s nice to be able to look at pie and not get yelled at. Not that the yelling stopped me, it was more of a nuisance than a deterrant.

Speaking of looking at pie, here are some nice ones imo.

Szeretlek (formerly of Cam Whores and formerly Animaculine) Although the fourth pic here is quite a nice one.

Jen Frickell doesn’t ever take her clothes off, but she doesn’t need to. She looks good 24/7.

Booty on Cam Whores. Current pics here – She is about the only reason I even look at CW any more (shrug).

Alright, maybe I went overboard on the links there, but the novelty of my “freedom” hasn’t worn off quite yet.

In case you were wondering about AA, I’m playing AA as [UoE]Orion these days. Also, if the site email doesn’t work, try this one. This is the addy that I’ve had stuff routed to for a while now.

Oh yeah, I watched Sour Grass last night at Cane’s. Show was amazing. Next month, the Dead Kennedy’s (!!!) are playing there on the 20th. I’m going to have to make it a point to go watch. I’m also going to have to make it a point to call the Alex’s in Finch and try to weasel my way into backstage passes for their upcoming shows with NFG.

Um, there was something else but I forgot it.

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