Wow, the Lakers just got their asses handed to them.

Kobe probably could have used some of that bonus cash for his defense team. Or to pay off that few million dollar “I’m Sorry” ring.

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By Sharkey

I run bamf.


  1. Detroit pwnedThe Pistons pwned the Lakers.And me being from Detroit…am loving every minute of it! Everyone said the Pistons didn’t have a chance…they were WRONG WRONG WRONG!

  2. HAHAhappy for Detroit, but the Lakers should of seen it coming. Doesn’t everyone know that Malone is cursed?

  3. Hey.Did anyone else notice that everytime the camera panned to Shaq on the bench he looked exactly like Corky from Life Goes On right after he burned down the family business?

  4. Dah Pistons !Yea, I’m also a Detroiter…Woot !There were some wicked parties around town last night…I hear there is a mock memorial service being held for the Lakers somewhere around town.Maybe a laker fan can stop in to represent… hehe (sucker)

  5. WowI cant believe it, they didnt burn down the city! I didnt even hear anything about riots on tv, it seems that detroit is finally growing up. Time was when detroit won(or lost) anything major the whole city would riot. oh how time does fly. *sniff*

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