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I’ve been sick the past few weeks. I had pneumonia a few years back so I get it worse and longer. Normally, I don’t care for cold meds. However, I was feeling completely annihilated and went out and bought some cold meds. I picked up a bottle of NyQuil and two packages of TheraFlu – one daytime and one nighttime. Up at the cashier, the guy said I had to pick two and put the third back. Er, why is that? State law. What state law, that’s pretty fucking retarded. The state law that says we can’t sell more than two of something that contains one of the ingredients for crystal meth. Hmmmmm. I still think it’s fucking retarded.

On another note, I live in a town with a dairy. Hollandia Dairy, to be exact. This is the same town I graduated high school from. Yes, I’ve been cow tipping. No, it’s not an urban myth. No, it’s not very amusing after the first time you do it. I digress. There is a BBQ place across the street from the dairy. T & H Barbecue. The place is great. We eat there about once a week, and we’re always pleased with the food. Check it out if you’re Sandy Eggo local. However, the comment that I made the other day is that you’ve gotta love a BBQ place across from a dairy. I mean, it’s like you tell the cows that they had better produce milk or they will be sent across the street….

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