Perhaps The Gayest Post Ever

The other day my good friend Heywood was over and said “Holy shit man, you have to play this game at Adult Swim, it’s the gayest game in history.” Robot Unicorn Attack did not disappoint. Dash, my friends, dash your queer little hearts out. That’s the best part of the game, aside from the kickin’ tunes by Erasure. I was astounded that Heywood didn’t remember this early-nineties hit; apparently I had a much gayer upbringing than he did. Play the game, and then watch the honest-to-God music video. No joke, this was the fucking video for the song:

Like you needed to ask, the lead singer/backflipping genie Andy Bell is completely gay. He also caught teh AIDS not long after this video was released, which is unfortunate. Erasure really did nothing but pump out annoyingly catchy tunes that made you feel extremely swishy for nodding along, as evidenced by “A Little Respect,” which will be totally ruined for you by that link if you didn’t hate the song already. I’ll never hear it in a supermarket without thinking of Bell’s high heels and tighty whities again.

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By Sharkey

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  1. Well if i was unemployed and depressed watching that video clip would have been the final straw, think u hit the nail on the head with that game LMAO its damn GAY alright….LOL just fucking LOL

  2. I always knew he was one of the gayest fuckers in captivity, but goddamn! I actually didn’t have any animosity towards ” A little “Respect” until that link. Jesusbuttlovechrist that’s gay…

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