PS2 becomes a TiVo-like recorder

ZDNet Article

Sony’s PlayStation 2 video game console will gain TiVo-like video functions with software to be announced Monday by two start-ups.

Austin, Texas-based BroadQ is offering Qcast Tuner, software to connect the PS2 with a PC running SnapStream Media’s video recording software.

Houston-based SnapStream released its Personal Video Station software last year. The program allows a PC connected to a TV signal to record and play back programs using the PC’s hard drive, similar to standalone devices such as the TiVo video recorder.


  • No $9.95/mo subscription fee as there is with TiVo.


  • You have to record it to your PC, taking up valuable hard drive space reserved for warez and pr0n
  • Your PC probably isn’t in the same room as your TV (maybe it is, who knows)

Conclusion: Good for some, but as the article states, won’t be a complete solution until you can remove the dependency on the PC.

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