Slice Of The Day: Vida Guerra Again!

Just because work has made me quite neglectful, here’s the entire Vida Guerra Playboy shoot.

And of course, for every other sweet shot of her latin caboose, head over to SOTD’s Vida Guerra gallery.

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By Sharkey

I run bamf.


  1. EgadsAll of those pictures are incredibly heavily altered. I hope whoever airbrushed her got paid extra because they were busy.

  2. UglyI’ve said it before, I will say it again: She’s ugly. So ugly, in fact, that I have ad-blocked her images. What a mutt.

  3. YeaI would do her, dont get me wrong, but that BIG Apple-Butt sticks out alot, maybe to hide her face, i dunno.

  4. mandatory subject lines are gayI’ve seen this shoot, pre-photoshop and believe me, that ass is 80% orange peel cellulite.

  5. Orange peel\”I’ve seen this shoot, pre-photoshop and believe me, that ass is 80% orange peel cellulite.\” — sam991^^ The above statement is not surprising but it is still disappointing.

  6. donkeyriggedNo one even said that you stupid fuck. Seems you’re a little touchy about the subject though, peewee.

  7. vida in personPosted this in Pie forum, but figured I’d copy here. For those SoCal Mofo’s interested, I saw this in the local free magazine:Sunday June 18, Tower Records Buena Park Grand Opening (18th is last day of 3 day event).\”Fiesta Latina 12-4pm\”blahblahblah\”Meet Playboy’s July Cover Model Vida Guerra Noon-3pm\”\”First 100 people 18+ in line will receive a FREE Playboy magazine to get signed.\”There’s no address given but I’m sure it can be found for those intersted.

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