Star Trek Dorks Commence Drooling

So Tink took that last post to heart and sent me a voice mail from Hilary. I hung up on it. I told him that sending me a voice mail message from Hilary Duff means that he is no longer a heterosexual. He’s now watching David Hasselhoff videos to help him on his journey away from liking the opposite sex.

Alright, the Star Trek Droolfest is something that Jen sent to me and I felt funny enough to pass along to you. I’m trying to think of more things to link here, and I’m at a loss. I thought about that Ninj0r page because of the discussion about the Deadly Ninja Throwing Heart, but I think I’m sick of doing html now so this is it.

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  1. Yeah, well.Say what you will, the man has done some good fucking work. I’d buy it if I had the cash.

  2. Great googly mooglyWhat the hell happened to Jen in those pictures (From April)? It looks like she got beat with Wilford Brimley. I hope she didn’t get covered in diabetus.

  3. That’s so mean.That’s mean to say about someone that isn’t famous. Not everyone looks pretty. You don’t have to call them on it.

  4. JenJen does the Skeleton during the winter sports months. She crashed on one of her runs and that’s why she looks like she got badly beaten.

  5. What droolfest?FFS Sharkey! You’d got my hopes up! I thought that was the auction for the tight-ass panties 7 of 9 wore under that uniform of hers. Especially now that we here she’s a bit of a kinky bitch!!!!

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