TF2 Baby

Expanding upon the Portal linkage from yesterday, here’s the trailer for Team Fortress 2. I’m quite pleased…

Bongweasel has requested that I mock anybody here who does not appreciate the art style of this game, and dammit I’m going to fulfill that request. Any of you crybabies who are upset at this wholly appropriate and downright genius changes to the art style can go eat a dick. The kind of cookie-cutter shit that you seem to appreciate usually goes completely unnoticed by me, and considering the fact that rarely does a game actually succeed without me giving a shit about it, that makes you a complete waste of carbon. It’s the truth, ask any game developer. Somehow, like my ability to solve Wheel of Fortune puzzles without any letters being turned over coupled with my inability to keep my shoes tied, I am the idiot savant of the gaming industry. My reliance on these off-kilter gut instincts have led to numerous Scrabble victories, not being killed in a wheat thresher, and having sex with… well, women in general. You whining bitches, however, more than likely complain when a female starlet gets an ass wrinkle, or cry to the heavens when your favorite sports team loses asking “Why have you done this to me, oh Lord?!?” You must realize that these things have nothing to do with you, because you are the steaming pile of horse shit in the gastric ballet that is life. You have no room to complain, because quite frankly, nobody asked for your retarded fucking opinion.

I’m pretty rad though. I dunno if you picked up on that general theme in this post but… yeah. Rad. All those who support this theory should buy Team Fortress 2.

*This message brought to you by Valve Software. Keep gaming, bitches.

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  1. hehyeah this is pretty much garunteed to get the same kind of responce the gamecube zelda game, windwaker got when people found out it was going with a more cartoon look. despite the fact that most of these people likely spent the first 10 or so years of their lives watching stuff that looked like this on tv the thought of playing a game that looks like this is horribly repellent to them.I don’t get it myself

  2. OkI guess you owe Bongy $$ from that weekend in Vegas and had to pay off that debt by using no less than 15 lines of text.Bravo….

  3. A questionIs TF2 officially going to be with the 360 version of Half-Life 2? If not my new PC will be able to handle it.

  4. InterestingI’m thinking NOLF. That was a fucking great game and graphically, TF2 doesn’t look all that different. Should make a nice change of pace from all the CS:S fuckers.

  5. cooI cannot fucking wait for this. I started a clan to play this game in 1998. That was 8 years ago. Fuck, I’m old.

  6. QWTF IS ROLLING OVER IN ITS GRAVEJust what old skewl QWTF’ers wanna see… the game dredged up again with an \”Incredibles\” format. You posted that you’d mock anyone that would not appreciate the art style… welcome to the Internet someone doesn’t agree with you.

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